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Penang Tang Lang Martial Arts Society
(Wong Kam Hung)
- 32nd Anniversary Celebration Event -
August 8, 2010 - Malaysia

Penang August 8, 2010 - Master Pel was invited to attend the 32nd anniversary celebration for the Penang (Malaysia) Seven Star Praying Mantis Association.  Hosted by Mr. Koh Aun Choo the President and Coach of the association, the event hosted a number of prominent teachers from the Seven Star Mantis community promoting friendship and exchange.  Attendees included Doris Wong, Wang Khim Hock, Toh Eng Lai, Koay Seng Leong, Ang Chen Chun, Boo Cheok Kiang, Pneh Swee Eng, Oii Chin Keong, and Kai Uwe Pel representing the Koh Kim Kok - Lin Bo Yan family lineage.

The gala dinner consisted of guest speeches from Mr. Koh Aun Choo and others, presentations, Lion Dance and Martial Arts performances.  Master Pel presented the association with a school banner from the Shanghai Luo Guang Yu Seven Star Praying Mantis Association, and was in turn presented with a school banner from Master Toh Eng Lai.

Master Kai Uwe Pel in Penang  


Master Pel is performing Mei Hua Lu. Overall it was a fun filled night of friendship and exchange.

Master Kai Uwe Pel and his student Cameron Hirst (New Zealand) with all Masters of Penang Tang Lang Society

About the Association

The Penang Tanglang Association was first established in 1971 by Master Wong Kam Hong with the purpose of promoting Seven Star Praying Mantis in Malaysia.

Kai Uwe Pel

Penang - August 8, 2010


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